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Chess IPR

Our History

Chess IPR began servicing the GE Industrial Power Rectifier (IPR) business as a Sales Representative company, contracted by Siemens/ASI Robicon, back in 2002. A few years after this relationship began ASIRobicon made a decision to discontinue supporting this product line. Chess IPR quickly stepped in and purchased the business in 2006. We knew there was work required to reestablish lost communication links and injured customer relations. Our intentions were to immediately improve on past service and rebuild those damaged relationships.

Chess IPR is dedicated to the IPR business and will continue to support our customer’s needs as well as offer power and control (digital) upgrades. We own all intellectual property concerning the GE Canada manufactured Industrial Power Rectifier which positions us to best serve our customer’s IPR needs.

Chess IPR is located in Peterborough, ON, the original home of GE Canada’s IPR manufacturing.

What We Offer

GE IPR Parts & Service

Chess IPR supports any vintage of GE manufactured Rectifier with a complete list renewal parts required to keep your Rectifier online. Our Services include Engineering Support, Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance Agreements and Upgrades.

GE Card Repair & Replacement

Chess IPR can repair and replace any analog or digital card used in any GE manufactured Rectifier. We have extensive files consisting of schematics, part lists and current Gerber files required for all circuit card production.

Digital Upgrades For GE IPRs

Chess IPR is now positioned to upgrade any GE Diode or Thyristor Rectifier from analog to digital or digital to digital. Our new partnership also enables us to upgrade all our competitors Rectifiers; Westinghouse, BBC, Robicon, Satcon, Siemens, and ABB Rectifiers have been upgraded using this GEN III Control.

Cell Stack Assemblies / Semiconductor Wheels

Chess IPR can match every SCR / Diode GE Canada ever developed for their Rectifiers. We own the specifications for these devices and supply our Rectifier owners with exact electrical matches to their original devices for perfect current sharing within the Rectifier’s individual wheels. Any assembly part required, heat-sinks, fuses, clamps and devices can be supplied simply by knowing our customer’s name.

We also can maintain your wheel assemblies with all peripheral parts such as wheel tubing, tubing clamps, bus bars, tank plugs, glycol filters, coolant, any part associated the Power Compartment of your Rectifier.


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