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Chess IPR

Industrial Power Rectifier (IPR)

Chess IPR’s Industrial Power Rectifier (IPR) series is an SCR or diode-based high current AC to DC power converter that is used to deliver large amounts of DC power in a controlled manner.

The heart of the IPR supply is the innovative coaxial “wheel” design of parallel devices. While competing products require complicated bus, semiconductor and fuse arrangements, reactors, or resistors to achieve good current sharing, the IPR design does not. Because of the very low 8-10% current unbalance, this design allows the use of lower cost 77mm devices to achieve the same current capacity as competing products that use higher cost 100mm devices.

Device assemblies can easily be replaced due to the simple, accessible wheel design. All devices and control cards are viewable to the user.

Yet another innovation in the IPR design is the patented leak-proof negative pressure DI (de-ionized) closed-loop cooling system. This re-circulating cooling system runs continuously below atmospheric pressure. In the event of a leak, air is ingested, eliminating the risk of coolant leakage. This enables the system to be shut down for repair at an appropriate time without danger of a flashover caused by leaking coolant.

Nearly every IPR power supply comes complete with:

  • Blown fuse monitoring
  • N+1 thyristors and isolating fuses
  • N+1 cooling pumps/starters
  • Free standing all aluminum outdoor enclosure
  • Patented leak-proof negative pressure DI (de-ionized) closed-loop cooling system, N+1 DI water to raw water isolated heat exchangers.
  • Sophisticated yet easy to use state-of- the art microprocessor-based fiber optic digital control system. All aluminum welded buses except where installation and maintenance requirements demand bolted connections- this ensures excellent conductivity and reliability, low losses, and eliminates bus maintenance.


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