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Chess IPR, through its partnership with Dynapower Corp., is now positioned to support all our Industrial Power Rectifier (IPR) owner/operators with a third generation control upgrade. This new upgrade supersedes our customer's pre-digital Analog control, the original digital CPU486 controller, and its replacement, the IPR GEN II digital controller. With this new technology we can now upgrade any make of Rectifier. Chess IPR is actively applying these Control Replacement Systems on Westinghouse, BBC, Robicon, Satcon, Siemens, and ABB thyristor rectifiers for mining, electrochemical and industrial clients globally.

Our proposed upgrades include replacing the main controller in the rectifier with an up-to-date PLC and human machine interface (HMI) design as presently provided by Chess IPR on the present day  transformer rectifier (TR) systems. This level of control will allow full display and diagnostic information for use within the operational distributed control system and enables both operations and maintenance to see the history of events, active status, settings and fault conditions, trending and settings. The main control platform is a PLC-HMI platform (Allen Bradley or Siemens as preferred option with ability to accommodate any other platform of choice) with capacity to cover all the key features of the TR and display accordingly.

Subject to the level of transducers and contacts available in the existing TR, the new Chess IPR controller will indicate/record most of the system information. The total extent of the points and values to be captured and displayed is determined during the engineering phase of the project as each TR has unique requirements. We will include a power monitor for display of the AC input power operating parameters. We will require the AC Potential Transformer and Current Transformer signals/connections for the power monitor.

The Chess IPR controller will include/show the majority of available features for the standard TR with dry type, VPI transformers or Oil type transformers, with appropriate transformer information appliedand displayed on HMI screens. The configuration and number of Cell Stack modules will ultimately be shown in the format for module troubleshooting. Pump stands and heat exchanger information is typically shown for the large TR systems as well as the overall reporting and trending screens.

A key feature to the upgraded controller is the continued application of the proven rugged SCR Controls. We will supply our standard proven SCR Driver and Gate Isolators. This controller is a Dynapower design and has been successfully used in our Rectifiers throughout the world. Controlling the design and production allows us to guarantee its life as it is not dependent of a third party supplier. This proposal is based upon replacing the main recitifer power controls and alarm/trip annunciator panels. We will not be replacing auxiliary power distribution panels, pumps, or pump controls, heat exchangers and associated controls, ambient coolers and its controls, DC output sensors and its dedicated controls, fan control circuits and other sections that are not part of the rectifier SCR control sections. The mentioned cicrcuitry will be interfaced and the information collected promptly to make available for customer use.

The overall system with selected components may be assembled into a single enclosure or on replacement back panels or doors, depending upon the existing system or operational requirements and the envoiromental conditions. The same controls package can be mounted inside the single enclosure (per rectifier) and mounted near or inside the existing controls if the room is available.

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